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Événements Nintendo League / Re : Japan Tours Festival 2020
« Dernier message par AimeeHoben le Aujourd'hui à 11:43:19 »
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Événements Nintendo League / Where is the best WOTLK Classic Gold shop?
« Dernier message par CSCCA le 22 septembre 2022, 04 h 03 min 22 s am »
Since we are buying Gold&Boosting for WOTLK Classic, safety is naturally our number one consideration. Otherwise, when we find that our account is banned or there is a great risk after buying Gold&Boosting, we will suffer a big loss.

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Événements Nintendo League / Re : Japan Tours Festival 2020
« Dernier message par jannick le 26 mai 2022, 10 h 22 min 15 s am »
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Événements Nintendo League / Re : [NL Cup 2020] Étape Online #1 - Pokémon Épée/Bouclier
« Dernier message par jannick le 26 mai 2022, 10 h 08 min 07 s am »
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Actu NL / Re : SSB Ultimate - Primal Strike
« Dernier message par Weiveismart le 28 juin 2021, 08 h 21 min 34 s am »

EA's Madden NFL match will move into its next official setup for next-generation consoles with the launch of Madden NFL 22 in the coming months. Fans will be winding down their Ultimate Team roster building and Madden nfl 22 coins awaiting what is next. They are also expecting for much-needed improvements to corporate and gameplay style. Ahead of this new sport, we take a look at the potential Madden NFL 22 launch date as well as VGR's most up-to-date cover star forecasts.

The reigning NFL MVP created a fitting cover superstar based on buy Madden 22 coins his prior season and even appeared to shatter that dreaded Madden curse.
Actu NL / Why not buy MUT 21 Coins with confidence
« Dernier message par CSCCA le 19 avril 2021, 10 h 52 min 19 s am »
Update 1.28 is the latest patch in Madden 21. EA is still insisting on perfecting Madden 21 in order to maintain the loyalty and stickiness of players to the game. Now, most updates are just small patches that pop up for minor issues. As we saw in the last update, this is the case with the latest game patches. Players should also use MUT Coins to try to pursue more progress.

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Actu NL / Madden 21 Coins provided by GameMS are best!
« Dernier message par CSCCA le 19 avril 2021, 10 h 51 min 39 s am »
For the players of Madden 21, they are most eager for the emergence of recent activities, which can stimulate their desire to compete. Fortunately, EA just added “The 50” promotion to Madden NFL 21 recently. A large number of super powerful player cards are already available in the game. Then players should use Madden 21 Coins to choose which players to reinforce their ultimate team has become a question they need to consider.

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Actu NL / Get these great POE Currency quickly!
« Dernier message par CSCCA le 19 avril 2021, 10 h 51 min 20 s am »
On April 16, Grinding Gear Games officially released the much-anticipated Ultimatum in Path of Exile. It’s been a week, thanks to the original trailer reveal, coupled with the players’ experience in the league, they already have a preliminary impression of how to play it. Now they should hurry up to replenish the reserves of POE Orbs.

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Actu NL / How do players get affordable POE Orbs?
« Dernier message par CSCCA le 19 avril 2021, 10 h 49 min 20 s am »
Grinding Gear Games released Ultimatum in Path of Exile last Friday, and the appearance to players has exceeded their expectations. Now almost every loyal exile is seriously studying new and expanded gameplay and mechanics and fresh skills. Many of POE Currency they prepared for this purpose can play a role. But there are still some rookies who urgently need a large amount of POE Currency to start the challenge with peace of mind.

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